How Aimex Advance 8 Stage Water Filter Works?

How Aimex Advance 8 Stage Water Filter Works?

Water makes up to 60% of your body, which implicates the importance of drinking water for sound health. With water pollution rising, it's no surprise that the quality of the water you drink may be compromised. Drinking water that has germs and other contaminants can cause extreme damage to our health.

This is why it's paramount to install a sound water filtration system in your households. Such water filters remove the impurities present in tap water. Such pollutants are not visible with naked eyes. Contaminated water may also have a dangerous level of lead or nitrates, which disturbs the blood oxygen levels, particularly in infants.  

Thus, it is of foremost importance to make sure that the water you and your loved ones drink is pure and an advanced 8 stage water filter does that job well. This water filter thoroughly filters the water, removing all the harsh chemicals, compounds, and bacteria, making it safe to drink. 


There could be various contaminants like rust, mercury, arsenic, or sediment present in the water you drink from your faucet. The advanced 8 stage water filter goes through multiple stages of filtration to make sure that the water you drink is free from harmful bacteria and contaminants. It restores the tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized, alkalized state.

Here are the main stages of the advanced filtration process:

Stage 1: Filter Pads
Filter Pads are placed in the water filter to improve the quality of water flowing through it.  Filter pads conduct a separation process that removes any solid-like rust or, any sediment suspended in taps from the liquid at the primary stage itself. 

Stage 2: KDF
Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is a copper-zinc formulation of very high quality. It uses a chemical process called redox, or oxidation/reduction. It helps in the removal of lead, chlorine, mercury, hydrogen sulphide, and iron from the water. During this reaction, harmful contaminants are changed into non-toxic components. Chlorine, for instance, is transformed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which can then be carried harmlessly through the water supply. The process also decreases the accumulation of limescale in water.

Stage 3: Activated charcoal
Activated charcoal is used in stage 3 as it is very effective at removing toxins from the water. It removes toxins like volatile organic compounds and chlorine, without the usage of harsh chemicals which may destroy the salts and minerals present in the water.

Along with removing a lot of the harmful components, they can also add essential minerals. These essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, and iron, are put back into the water. This step also eliminates the foul smell and taste associated with chlorine.
Stage 4: Mineralized balls
Mineralized balls have several remarkable anti-bacterial and purification properties. These balls create vibrations that break the molecules into small clusters. Thus, adding back essential minerals like zinc, iron, potassium, lithium, magnesium, and iodine.

The balls have a connection with small poles to form an ideal filtration process where the fluid with any contamination goes through a unique pore-size filtration system. This separates toxins from processed water.
Stage 5: Ceramic balls

In the fifth stage, the Advanced 8 stage filter makes use of the ceramic balls to expel any harmful bacteria or sediment present in the water. It processes the water thoroughly and removes all pathogens through a network of pores. They are highly effective in the declination of impurities like chloroform and heavy metals present in tap water.

Stage 6: Active carbon

In this stage, there is another finer, granular layer of active carbon, which helps to make the water alkaline. There's a much greater surface of active carbon which bonds with even more contaminants and remove them more reliably. It is an effective adsorbent as it is highly porous. Hence, it can absorb natural organic compounds, taste and odour, and synthetic organic chemicals. 

Stage 7: Mineralized balls

This stage uses an extra and an even finer layer of mineralized balls to make sure that the water you consume is safe and healthy. It restrains any leftover pathogens or odour present in the water.

Stage 8: Ceramic plate

This is the final stage of the filtration process, which has the potential to get rids of any remaining bacteria. The silver ions impregnated in ceramic repel growth of bacteria and algae on the surface of the filter. With this, high-quality filtered water is ready to be consumed safely.
Why is it important?

 According to research conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 8.3 million (93%) Australian households used mains or town water as a source of water.[1]

Tap water is not always safe. A study reports that frequent complaints included chlorine, dirty water, odour, colour, and microbial or algae contamination. Western Australian households registered the highest level of dissatisfaction (60%) with taste (excluding saltiness).[2]

To eliminate any frailties, use the Advanced 8 stage water filters which promise safe drinking water.  

Summing it up
In the 21st century, drinking water that is clean as well as healthy for our body can be a difficult task. However, that is not for those who make use of the Aimex Advanced 8 Stage Water Filter. This filter kills 99.9% germs, which can be highly catastrophic. Additionally, it removes harmful chemicals and odour and preserves the natural minerals in the water. Staying hydrated energizes your body and balances the pH level of water, making it slightly alkaline.