Aimex Portable Expresso Coffee Machine ABS BeansUp

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  • Make pretty good espresso in a relatively short time if only you have ground coffee and hot water ready.
  • Portable design, simple and fast to use, hand operated a coffee machine, you can prepare amazing espresso anywhere.
  • Quiet when making espresso, you can have a cappuccino on your way to work.
  • Innovative using good pump pressure to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly with fun and ease.
  • Manual espresso maker without electricity or batteries, environmentally friendly.
  • Great for taking it anywhere with you and making good coffee.
  • Wonderful gadget to make fresh coffee for enjoying a tasty espresso shot.


Quick Details
Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
Certification: LFGB
ABSHousing Material ABS
Capacity (Cup): 80ml
Brand Name: BEANSUP
Place of Origin: China
Color: White
Product name: mini portable espresso coffee machine
Function: Make Coffee
PLEASE, TAKE TIME TO READ WELL THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE PARTICULARLY BEFORE THE FIRST USE. A misuse of the appliance can damage it or hurt the user. Assure that you use the appliance for the use for which it is designed, we refuse any responsibilities as for the damages by an incorrect use or a bad manipulation.
1. The Mini portable espresso machine is intended to a personal use. It is not suitable for commercial, professional, collective or industrial use. Use of the Mini portable espresso in any manner Other than as directed herein could cause harm to persons and avoid the warranty.
2. Do not use the Mini portable espresso for other than its intended use.
3. After removing the packaging, make sure that the Mini portable espresso machine is intact.
4. The packaging elements ( gift box, plastic etc.) must not be left within reach of children as they are potential sources of danger.
5.Do not allow the Mini portable espresso machine to be used by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge.
6.Children must be kept under supervision to prevent them from play with the mini portable espresso machine.
7. Do not action the piston if the water tank and the outlet head are not in position.
8. Never consume liquid directly from the mini portable espresso machine as contents may be hot.
9. Do not put Mini portable espresso machine on a gas or electric hot plate, in an oven, a microwave or a dishwasher.
10. Only use clean water in the Mini portable espresso machine. Do not use any other fluid.
11. Never heat up the water directly in the water tank. Water must be heated by an external heating source such as a pot or a kettle and then poured into the water tank.
12. Do not use the Mini portable espresso machine if it is showing any sign of breakdown or malfunction
13. If you burn yourself, immediately pour cold water on burnt area and call a doctor if necessary.

Perfect solution for travel, home and office for coffee lover. Easy cleaning, operation and portable.

TIPS . Different tastes of practice . Press 10 times: Ristretto . Press 15 times: Expresso . Press 25 times: Double Expresso . Water + Expresso = Americano . Milk + Chocolates + Expresso = Mocha

NOTE For best results, we highly suggest you to: . Use fresh roasted coffee beans and filtered water. . Grind coffee beans just prior to prepare your espresso shot. . Gently tamp the ground coffee into the filter basket with the back of the scoop

WARNING . Avoid burning yourself, handle hot water with care. . Do not apply higher than usual force on the piston if this one is stuck. . High pressure may cause damage. . Do not fill to the rim the filter basket with tamped ground coffee, . Only use one scoop of ground coffee (7 grams) to fill the filter basket.

CLEANING AND STORAGE . Clean the hatched areas under running water to remove all remain coffee. For all others areas, we highly recommend to only use a humid soft cloth when cleaning. DISPOSAL The Mini Portable Espresso Machine has been manufactured using high quality materials that can be reused or recycled. Dispose of the appliance in a suitable waste collection center. WARNING - Do not put water into the orange area. - Do not put any Mini Portable Espresso Machine Part into dishwasher