Aimex 16L Bench top Water Purifier Dispenser with 3 X 8 Stage Fluoride Filters

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  • 8 stage Remineralising Fluoride Water Filter Purifier Dispenser
  • 16L Fluoride Filter Water Dispenser
  • Fluoride water filters reduce the fluoride from water and add minerals

There is no bitter aftertaste taste of any chemicals. Plus, Aimex Water Filters do not have any components that alter the original taste of filtered, pure water. At times we are pretty accustomed to the taste of our tap water; it may take some time to get used to the taste of filtered water.

Suitable to Only Aimex Water Purifier

 8 Stage Water Filter Water Dispenser 16L 

  • Dome: 0.3 micron removes rust, sediment particles of 0.3 microns, and larger. It Stops the propagation of bacteria and germs.
  • Activated Carbon: Removes chlorine, Trihalomethanes (a result of chlorination which is associated with cancer), organic chemicals, unpleasant odors, and taste. It transforms tap water into clean and purified water
  • Bio Ceramic infrared balls: adjust the water to an optimum mild alkaline level and energize the water molecules.
  • The extra layer of activated carbon enhance taste and add to the purification process.


  • AIMEX Australia 8 Stage water purifying System removes almost all Chlorine from the tap water. Chlorine kills bacteria and algae in the water, but it’s harmful to the human body as it results in the formation of Trihalomethanes, which is associated with cancer.
  • Bacteria is not the same as Algae. Algae counts in the water vary and its growth can be more rapid than in others. To avoid Algae growth (due to the absence of Chlorine) in the Healthy Water System, it is necessary to clean the water bowls once a week and to rinse the filters at least once a month
  • Rinse the activated combined filter system once a month with warm water. Not boiling water, it will damage the system
  • Replace the filter every SIX months or 5000L water usage.
  • Take care that the unit does not stand in direct sunlight. 


  • Box Size:      33 X 33 X 34 cm
  • Net Weight:  3.5 KG
  • Gross Weight:  4.0KG
  • Stone:   Plastic Dome, KDF, activated carbon, Infrared Mineralised, Red Mineral Ball, White Mineral ball, Activated Carbon, Red Mineral Ball, Ceramic Plate
  • Water Flow:     0.3L/min
  • Hard Plastic Material:  BPA free
  • Total Bottle Volume: 16 Litres
  • Upper Tank: 7 Litre
  • Lower Tank: 9 Litre


    Cleaning and Maintenance:

    • Maintenance before use: please put the felt pad dome, carbon filter, and mineral stones into water for 30 minutes before use.
    • Maintenance after use: Crystal polycarbonate containers (water bowls) to ensure healthy water clean both water bowls once a week by simply rinsing it with water

    Note: Please do not clean any part of the cooler, water dispenser, water filter, and tap with detergent, vinegar, soap, dishwasher, or any kind of chemical. The plastic used is BPA free which is only clean by water. If you need assistant then please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.