Motorhome Caravan Cleaner Wash Shampoo & Protective Glaze Combo

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CaravanBrite Shampoo

  • A High foaming concentrated cleaner derived from vegetable oils which has been Specifically researched and developed for Caravan and Motorhome surfaces.
  • It will remove algae, moss, black streaks and stubborn stains from all Caravan and Motorhome surfaces.
  • CaravanBrite Shampoo can be used as part of the CaravanBrite paint protection process to maintain any Caravan or Motorhome  in pristine condition.
  • Prior to using the CaravanBrite Conserver in the wash bucket to maintain the caravanBrite protection, the vehicle should be washed using CaravanBrite Shampoo.

Directions For Use:

  • Rinse off excess grime and mud with cold water.
  • Add 25ml of CaravanBrite shampoo to a bucket of water.
  • Apply with a sponge.
  • Rinse off with clean water before solution dries.
  • For best results dry with chamois.

CaravanBrite Conserver

  • A non-foaming product that maintains the CaravanBrite protective glaze.
  • This should be used after washing the Caravan or Motorhome with CaravanBrite Shampoo.
  • Tests have proven that no paint protection can last more than 6 months without some form of maintenance.

Directions For Use:

  • To apply add 25ml of Conserver to a clean bucket of water.
  • Apply solution to all exterior paintwork, rinse immediately and chamois dry.
  • Try to avoid application to the windscreenas it may cause smearing.
  • You can apply the Conserver via machine jet washes, apply a thin film to the front and roof.
  • The jetwash will then transfer the Conserver over the entire vehicle.
  • With continuous use it will build up a tough non-chip elastic finish.
  • There should be enough product in this container to last at least a year.