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Thermal Bento Box Stainless Steel Food Containers Bento Box Food Storage Blue BPA FREE

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3 Layer Lunch Box Thermal Bento Box Stainless Steel Food Containers BPA FREE

  • Clever Design. Multi Layers - 3 Tiers means with Mari Australia's clever design this Japanese Style Bento Box can be customized. Pack 1 Layer for your child's snacks for the morning activity or take 2 for a lighter lunch or you can pack all three layers for a full day of food.

    The Multi Layers also keeps food separate, fresh and so convenient!

     Leak-Proof. Each Layer features a suction lid which has a valve to prevent any leaks as well as silicone seal.

    Please make sure when you are putting the lid ON push down with the Valve open and when removing the lid lift the Valve and pull the lid to release the suction.

     Portable Design. Our Carry Bag features a Shoulder Strap which is adjustable for your convenience. Suitable for kids to school, adults to work, exercise, camping and travel. The Carry Bag not only helps keep food fresh, but it also keeps it upright and contained, which will in term keep it fresh for longer.

     Insulation. The combination of the Insulated Lunch Box and the Insulated Carry Bag will keep your food hot for 2-3 hours and cold for even longer! You can even keep food hot and cold simultaneously by leaving a layer between hot and cold food. This way your Bento Box can act as a thermos or a flask.

     (Please kindly note that there are certain differences depending on the temperature of different countries and regions- also this can vary depending on the temperature of the food you pack and how full each layer is)

     Stainless Steel Interior Ticks all the boxes! Easy to Clean, Does Not Hold onto Odours and is BPA Free. - Please do not place in Dishwasher, Microwave or Soak in Water. After each use, clean all parts with mild diluted detergent, soft cloth and warm water. Do not clean with bleach, chlorine, or metal wire ball to avoid damage.

Please note: -


  • It cannot be used in the microwave.
  • It cannot be used in the dishwasher.




  • Have you finally decided enough is enough and you really need to do something?!
  • Changing your lifestyle to a healthier option can be hard and intimidating.
  • The best way to achieve the type of success you want is to be prepared.
  • Have the correct food in the correct size portion right with you when you need it!
  • Stylish, convenient, and durable containers like Mari Lunch Boxes will help you maintain a manageable routine to help encourage a successful shift towards healthy living.
    Benjamin Franklin would think the same: 'Failing to plan is planning to fail.'
  • Make it a habit; prepare delicious, healthy well-portioned meals then place them into our premium quality lunch boxes and never find yourself going through the drive-thru for convenience again. 



Multi-layer design. Customize to your needs. Need a smaller option? Packing an entire day worth of food? Does your child need a snack box? The multi-layers provide options! Customize it yourself at home to suit any family member and any outing. Buy less own more.
Leakproof. Between each stackable insulated compartment are heavy-duty silicone seals to lock in freshness, leaks, and odours. Allowing you to easily pack your favourite soup, yoghurt, dressing, or sauces.
Thermal benefits. The double-walled vacuum insulation will keep your food warm for 2-3 hours and cold for even more! Food can be kept warm and cold simultaneously at different layers!
Built to last. Made of 100% BPA free stainless steel - healthy, durable, & easy to clean.
Available Colours: Purple and Green

PORTABLE STYLE - Lunch bag and stainless-steel Cutlery comes with the pack for ease of use & carry. Suitable for outdoor, travel, picnic, business, schools, gym.



Product Dimensions

4.3 x 4.3 x 11.4 inches

Item Weight

900 grams

Shipping Weight

1 Kg





Tips & Tricks

After each use, clean all parts with mild diluted detergent, soft cloth and warm water. Do not clean with bleach, chlorine, or metal wire ball to avoid damage.

Do Not Put in Microwave or Dishwasher

Do Not Soak

Please make sure you have fully tightened each layer to avoid leakage

Separate hot and cold food with the middle layer in order to maintain appropriate temperatures.

To ensure the leak-proof effect, please do not use the lunch box for holding the liquid above 40 degrees

This product is not sold in stores!!


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Stop spending your money on ready-made, unhealthy and overly expensive takeaway!

Here is a great alternative to the regular disposable meal prep containers. It features 3 stackable lunch containers, so as your food can be separated and remain fresh! Make Meal Prep a Breeze with our convenient, portable, and stylish Bento Inspired Lunch Box and Lunch Carry Bag. Take your healthy Homemade meals everywhere and anywhere.

Built to last- Made of 100% BPA Free Food Grade Stainless Steel Metal – Does not hold odour or stain, Durable & Easy to Clean. PP provides a durable plastic exterior.

Versatile Multi-Layer Design- Keep your food separate in each food storage layer. Customise your 3-tier lunch box for your daily needs. Pack 1, 2 or all 3 layers depending on what your day calls for.

Leakproof- Thoughtful design has made your life even easier with the bonus of Spill-Proof Lids with a suction valve preventing any spills! This means confidently pack any soup or liquid dish without worrying about leaks.

Carry Bag and Cutlery- Helps to keep food cold or warm depending on your requirements. Includes a detachable strap, cord handle, steel metal zipper and enough room to slip your handy pouch of cutlery in the side- eliminating the need for an additional bag or purse. Making your portable meal so much easier and stylish.

Insulated- Keep your food warm for 2-3hrs and cold for even longer with the combination of the insulated bag and the built-in insulation of the container itself.