Effects of heavy metals in drinking water

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Effects of heavy metals in drinking water

Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, copper, zinc, iron, manganese and mercury are known to be toxic since the ancient times, but proper methodical studies were carried out from 1868. Heavy metals are very hard to be metabolized by the human body and that is the main reason of their toxicity. Heavy metals bind with cellular elements like structural proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes and can affect their functioning. They can enter the body in lower concentrations and deposit in certain parts or organs of the body. Overall, long-term exposure to heavy metals can be carcinogenic. Other effects include circulatory and nervous system effects.

Out of the list of predominantly present heavy metals in water, lead is considered highly toxic. There are several very serious effects of lead intoxication. The effects include but are not limited to major neurological disorder, hearing loss, convulsions, stunted growth and learning disabilities. The symptoms of lead poisoning can be as mild as nausea and vomiting and hence becomes difficult to diagnose externally. Chronic exposure can also cause encephalopathy, neuropathy and anemia.

The presence of Mercury in drinking water also contributes to the metallic taste. Highly toxic mercury can cause diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Chronic exposure to the heavy metals in any form for several months or years is the most detrimental and can cause inflammation of gums and mouth, neurotic disorders and tremors.

Contaminated drinking water is the most common reason for long-term exposure to arsenic. Arsenic poisoning can also occur as a result of long term exposure and elevated levels of arsenic in the body. The early symptoms are comparatively mild in nature like vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Whereas, long term exposure can cause changes in the skin like darkening and thickening, numbness and can also cause cancer.

Heavy metals are harmful for the body at the slightest levels and hence it is highly recommended to ensure that the water is not contaminated with it. While everyone is at risk of heavy metal poisoning, children are more vulnerable. Along with infants and young children, aged people and people with compromised immunity and renal disabilities are also at a high risk. Drinking enough water is extremely important for maintaining a healthy metabolism. There is only one significant remedy to this problem, ie., installing a high quality water filter that removes all heavy metals from your drinking water. It is with the removal of all these toxic heavy metals does your normal drinking water become ‘pure & healthy’.

Tap water is found to have the presence of heavy metals like lead, which can also be traced back to old fittings and plumbing systems. The older the fitting, and more corrosive the water, more lead is leached out into the drinking water. Our aimex 8 stage water filters are designed to remove heavy metals and give you clear and pure drinking water. Aimex
water filters ensure the safety of yourself and your family from heavy metal toxicity and poisoning.


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