The best brand for Genuine Water Filters, Water Coolers, Water Dispensers & Many More Amazing Products.

Our policy is to only Import & Export high quality goods that match and comply a 100% with the Australian Safety Standards.

At Aimex Australia, we are committed towards bringing to you, high quality exceptional products with great features at cost effective, economical prices.

To provide you the ease and comfort of online shopping, we equip our online store with all the latest features including secure payment options, pay later, etc. for an overall pleasant and reliable shopping experience.

Who We Are

Aimex Australia is amongst the fastest growing companies in Australia with an extensive professional experience of Import, Export, Wholesale, Distribution and eCommerce. We power our business with a large network of excellent dealers. We have developed our eCommerce segment with latest and reliable technologies to complement our product quality with an equally efficient customer service.

At Aimex Australia, we aim at bringing high grade products directly to you, the customer at the most reasonable prices which reach you through our partner shipping services, which are equally top notch. Being an Australian brand, we serve all across Australia, also reaching the regional areas. The team at Aimex Australia only sources the products which are good for you as well as the environment, products that add to a healthy lifestyle and hence we quote ourselves with: ‘Living ahead’!

We love nature and believe in preserving the environment and all our products are environment-friendly with most being recyclable. Environment and health are our top priorities, which directly reflects in all our products which match a 100% with Australian Safety Standards.

Aiming for an excellent customer service, our team is waiting to serve you through several channels including, online chat, phone, email and our website. Always there for all our customers. Whether you are an existing customer, a returning client or just getting to know us, we are always here for you.

Aimex Australia has authorized licenses to import and export Agricultural goods, mining products, fruits and vegetables. We are a member of Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Limited and hold a license to import ODS/SGG Equipment.

Our Expertise

  • Agricultural Goods
  • Solar Panels
  • LEDs
  • Portable Fridges
  • Water dispensers with Hot and Cold Functions
  • Water Purifiers
  • Water Filters
  • Emergency Camping Products
    • Military Standard Purifier
    • Straw Filters
    • Water Bag/Bottle with UF filtration
  • Camping Products
    • Roof Tents
    • Foldable Solar Panels
    • LED Lights for Tents