Hate plastic pollution? Try Water filters over bottled water!

Hate plastic pollution? Try Water filters over bottled water!

Single-use plastics have become the waste of the century. Due to the durability and affordability of single-use plastic, it is used as the primary packaging material for our food. Plastics pervade human life and society. The world we live in is surrounded by plastics, causing more trouble than we realize. Each year, we humans dump tons of plastic in bodies of water. Plastic is made up of nonbiodegradable polymers which don’t break down like other objects. If this continues, we’ll have to face the negative consequences of putting our planet in danger.

How Can Water Filtration Reduce Plastic Waste and Save the Environment?
Water filtration removes or reducing undesired compounds, whether chemical, organic, or biological, from water. Most filtration systems are used in drinking water. There are also several water filters such as the absorption based-carbon, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and distillation. So how can water filtration reduce plastic waste and save the environment?

Reduce Water Bottles
Imagine if everyone stopped buying one-time-use bottled water. There would also be less plastic bottle waste. Plastic bottles take 300 years to decompose in a landfill.

Save the Ocean
Plastic debris litter the ocean more than any other kind of waste. At least 9 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. This problem with plastic has even resulted in a global crisis. Experts say that if the current rate of plastic waste continues, plastic debris could outweigh all the fish in the sea in 30 years!

It’s Environmentally Friendly
Water filters are better for the environment than bottled water. Producing water bottles require a lot of energy. In fact, 2,00 times the energy used in producing tap water. Installing a water filter will improve your carbon footprint.

Remove Microplastics
Did you know that 93% of bottled water and tap water is contaminated with microplastics? Microplastics are small plastics (often a few millimetres long) resulting from commercial product development and breakdown from large plastics. Microplastics, if ingested, can lead to toxicity to various organisms, including humans.

Conserve Water and Money
Another great benefit of using water filters is by ensuring that water isn’t wasted. Filtered tap water is safe to drink. You can then also store it safely for future use. Plus, you’ll be saving a lot of money from drinking from your water filter instead of buying bottled water.

There’s no doubt that water filters are great for the environment. While it will take much more than just using water filters to create change and save the world, it is a significant first step with great benefits!

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