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Aimex Water Filter Cartridge for Pitcher 4 pieces

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  • Remove limescale, additional Calcium, additional Magnesium and access mineral substance 
  • Remove Chlorine up to 95% and Pesticide Residual Pollutants. 
  • Remove Odor, improve the taste of water. 
  • Very Economic and Convenient 
  • Great Lasting Fresh Filtered Water 
  • Full Flavor and better-tasting tea and coffee. 
  • Ideal for cooking healthy food 
  • For softer and better-tasting rice. 

Can filter sand, ion rust, sludge, bacteria, organic matter, harmful material etc 

The digital meter will help you remember the cartridge time. 

The Cartridge should be changed after using 60 days or 150L water usage. 

The electric timer will flash in the allotted time to remind you exchanging the cartridge. 

*please reset the LCD after exchanging the cartridge. 


About Material: 

All the material is food grade plastic, the cartridge can filter out the Chlorine, impurities and particular smell in the water. It reduces the water hardness with improving the taste of water for better health. 

Filtration process is fast for convenience.  



  • Please do not use purified water for filtration. 
  • The cartridge made for Tap Water only, it may get blocked if any other liquid used for filtration. 
  • Please do not use Warm Water which temperature is more than 35 °C. The filter will convey the smell if you filter the hot water. 
  • Please use the filtered water as early as possible, bacteria are easy to grow in the water without Chlorine. 
  • You can keep it in the refrigerator to preserve but don't freeze it. 

Using Method: 

  • Take out the cartridge from the pack, unwrapped it. 
  • Put the cartridge into the water completely for 12 minutes, and wash it 2-3 times under tap (it would be having black colour water outflow, which is quite normal) 

Operation Temp: 5°C -35°C 

Cartridge Life: 60 Days or 150L water usage, whichever comes first 

Suitable Water: Tap Water Only 

Size: 8 cm X 5.7 cm X 11 cm 

Weight: GW 1000 GM

Certification: Water Quality, CE, SGS 

*jug not included