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Aimex Marine Super Concentrated and Foaming Shampoo 500 ml - Made In UK

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Diamondbrite Marine Super - Highly Concentrated and Foaming Shampoo - Creates Protective Layer - 500 ml 

  • This is highly concentrated and high foaming products that contain a high degree of wax, which cleans and protects in one operation.
  • It will remove all types of muck and dirt as well as a black streak.
  • With Continuous use, the protective layer build-up making future cleaning much easier.



  1. Add 1-part product to 50 parts of warm water and wash over the entire surface using a sponge or soft washing brush.
  2. Then rinse with cold water.


  1. Add 1-part product to 8 part water in your chemical feed chamber
  2. Then rinse