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Aimex Water Miniwell L600 Water Purification Straw Equipment For Outdoor Activity

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Aimex Water Miniwell L600 Water Purification Straw
Features and Specification:
  • Turns Freshwater into drinking water Instantly.
  • Certified 99.9% removal rate of heavy metal such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury etc
  • Removes 99.9% of Bacteria, Cysts and Parasites
  • Replaceable Cartridge lasts up to 1000 Litre
  • The Physical Membrane of the UF filter can be cleaned by backflushing
  • No more sucking till your face get the blue, easy fast flow rate
  • Filtration capacity is 1000 litres which are equal to 2000 plastic bottles, so save the earth by avoiding disposable plastic bottles.
  • The perfect equipment for everyone and should have a tool and highly recommend for camping, hiking, backpacking trip, fishing, military water backup, boot camp, tactical hydration, storable for survival and emergency preparedness. 

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 Filtration Capacity 1000 L
Flow Rate 200 ml/min
Net Weight 98g
Material ABS, Carbon Filter, Ultrafiltration Membrane, PP
Filter Size 33 X 180 mm
Accessories 5 pcs Spare PP Slice
Storage Life 5 Years
Optimum Temperature Range

0°C - 40°C