Buying a Water Filter first time? Here's what you need to know.

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Buying a Water Filter first time? Here's what you need to know.

Water is found almost everywhere on our planet. From the most remote rainforests to uninhabited islands, wherever you may be on Earth, water flows abundantly. However, not all water is safe to drink. 

Some water resources are home to disease-carrying bacteria that could be harmful to our health. Others are contaminated with heavy metals, toxins or chemicals that can also induce adverse body reactions

It’s more important than ever to filter our waters. Filtering water is the best way to ensure that freshwater is safe for drinking. Are you interested in learning more about water filters? Read on to learn more about water filters and what should you know before buying one. 

What is a Water Filtration System? 

Water filtration can be your best defence against harmful bacteria, chemicals, and metals that may affect your water’s quality, taste, and smell. Water filtering systems help decontaminate water by using two different techniques: 

● Physical filtration involves straining water to remove dirt and other impurities. It works like a sieve and uses a filter like part to remove particles on a very fine scale. 

● Chemical filtration, on the other hand, filters water by using an active material that removes impurities. 

Most water filtration systems are effective against removing or reducing the following substances present in your water:

 ● Bacteria

● Algae

● Virus

● Fungi

● Harmful Chemicals

● Biological Contaminant


Water Filter Technologies

Did you know the earliest water filtration was done with charcoal and sand? Ancient Egyptians have documented practices to create pure water including methods such as using the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, boiling and heating under the sun. Fast-forward to present, and there are now many kinds of simplified water filter technologies available for the average homeowner.

Activated carbon filters

Also known as pre-filters, activated carbon filters are responsible for removing large particles like silt and sediment from your water. These filters work by attracting and absorbing particles so that they don’t get into your drinking water. Water that has been filtered using activated carbon has less odour and tastes so much better. 

If your home has water that smells, tastes, or looks bad - consider a filter with activated carbon. Similarly, if you suspect that an unhealthy amount of chlorine, pesticides, radon, or other inorganic chemicals are present in your tap water, you can also use this filter.  

Reverse Osmosis

This filter is probably the most popular of all. It has a fantastic ability to remove all kinds of contaminants that may be harmful to your body. It’s also produces filtered water that’s clean-tasting and odour-free. A drawback though is that it usually removes trace minerals from water which are essential for the normal functioning of the body. 

Alkaline/Water Ionizers

Using a process called electrolysis, this filter passes water over electrically charged plates and separated into two streams. The first one is alkaline, and the other is acidic. Filtered water using this technology is softer, low in acid, and known to be good for your skin. 

UV Filters

Another type of filter is the UV water filter. UV filters are one of the new technologies in the market today. It uses ultraviolet radiation to treat pure water and destroy bacteria that are harmful and damaging to your health. This filter doesn’t need chemicals or additional heat to work. 

 Infrared Filters

This type of filter uses heat and light to negatively charged water. The result is softer filtered water, much like alkaline water filters. 

The water filter technologies mentioned above might differ greatly in the process, but they all serve to make clean safe potable water. 


What to Look for in Water Filters?

Are you thinking of buying a water filter? Here are some tips to help you know what you should look for: 

  • Choose a filter with excellent contamination removal.

Make sure that the pure water filter you’re going to buy can help you get rid of harmful contaminants present in your tap water. 

  • Check its filtration rate

Pay attention to how much filtered water can your water filter produces in a day. You have to consider you and your family’s daily water consumption. If your daily water consumption outweighs the maximum gallons of water produced by your filter, then it may not be the right choice for you. 

  • The quality of water

Water filters shouldn’t just remove contaminants but also improve the overall quality of water, and this includes minimizing the pungent and foul smells of the water while maintaining proper pH balance and preserving natural minerals. 

  • Cost

Another essential factor you have to consider is cost. Water filter costs depend on many factors, including its storage capacity, filtration rate, speed, and more. 

  • Maintenance

You’ll want a water filter that’s easy to replace and use. If you’re using water filter cartridges, you need to have them replaced from time to time. 

Investing in a high-quality water filtration system is the best way to eliminate the risk of diseases from water-borne pathogens. By choosing the right water filtration system for your needs, you can also save money, protect the environment, and provide healthy drinking water for your family.  

This is where Aimex water filters step in, with a filtration rate enough to serve your whole family, it gives you excellent quality filtered water at an affordable price. Curious to know how it works?

Aimex Australia's, Advance 8 stage water filter can be a smart water filter to install this season. 

How does Aimex Water Filter give you pure, healthy water?

- Removes all toxins

- Removes pollutants and contaminants like rust and organic sediment particles, chlorine, pesticides

- Removes organic matter and heavy metals like Lead, Nickel, Mercury and Arsenic.

- Inhibits the growth of bacteria and removes harmful parasites like Giardia.

- Neutralises foul odour and bad chlorinated taste

- Replace and Restores: Natural trace minerals required by our bodies such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium and Iodine

- Gradually releases these natural trace mineral substances for added goodness.

What's more? The filters themselves can be used with several other water coolers (or filter) brands as well. Aimex water filters are easily cleanable and replaceable, giving you a powerful long-term water filtration solution, which is reliable and economical. Explore all Aimex water filters here

Easy to clean and maintain, Aimex water filter will be the holy grail water filter for your family. Take the first step to a healthier life, order your Aimex Water Filter today!