How important is it for children to stay hydrated? How often should children drink water?

How important is it for children to stay hydrated? How often should children drink water?

One thing that unites humans, animals, and trees is that we all need water to survive. It is absolutely crucial for our survival on the planet. From digestion to excretion, water regulates all body functions. We surely need fresh water for a robust lifestyle.

We cannot stress enough on how essential it is for your little ones to drink clean and pure water. It is worth knowing that these little wonders carry much more body water than adults.

As parents, we all aim to provide our children with the best of everything. But have you considered that the water running in your taps might be highly unfit to drink? The key to overall well-being begins with the most basic, yet the most integral necessity - consumption of pure water.

To simplify your task here’s all you need to know about the importance of hydration and freshwater for children.

Importance of clean drinking water for children

In the growing stages of life, children’s tender bodies are highly susceptible to precarious effects of consuming impure water. If we weigh out the statistics, every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water-borne disease.[1]

Other reasons why it is necessary to have filtered water are:

To prevent dehydration

Children love jumping and hopping all day long. They are engaged in one or the other activity throughout the day, and barely feel exhausted. Considering such an exhausting lifestyle, sometimes, dehydration is bound to occur. Amidst all their excitement and never-ending activities children may forget to drink water as needed and might not know to attend or even ignore the thirst signals.

Dehydration is a common problem among kids of all age groups. This is because they are less tolerant of heat and need relatively more water to stay fit. Hence, it is important that the water you give to your children should be devoid of any contamination and that they drink water regularly to stay well hydrated.

To maintain fluid balance in the body

Water helps to manage the balance of fluids in our bodies. Growing infants must drink pure water in adequate amounts. This helps their basic body functions, like blood circulation, the formation of saliva, proper digestion, to perform well.

To energize body muscles

Water helps children brace their body muscles and strengthen them. It’s very difficult to catch hold of your toddlers while they run around throughout the backyard. As much fun as it is, it immensely exhausts their body muscles. 

So, it’s vital to provide them with good-quality, filtered water which intensifies muscle strength. It also aids in the healing of fatigued muscles for unlimited and unstoppable playfulness!

Helps in regulating kidney function and digestion

If your child constantly complains about constipation and stomach ache, the most effective solution is to check whether they are drinking pure water or not. Consumption of uncontaminated, pure water assists the proper functioning of the kidneys.

It helps them to act upon flushing the toxins out of your children’s bodies efficiently. Besides, it also reduces the chances of stomach related issues such as constipation, irregular bowel movement and stomach pains. Water aids digestion and helps with regular and comfortable bowel movement.

How much water is enough water? 

Since drinking water is so essential, you might wonder whether your children have it sufficiently. Obviously, there is no one size fits all magic proportion of water requirement as such. It majorly depends on your child's age, activity level, bodily-dimensions, and the weather

However, health experts recommend that they have at least 7 to 8 full glasses of water each day. If they don’t enjoy its bland taste, you can perk things up by infusing fresh fruits and vegetables in their water bottles! Looks appealing and hydrates them without being artificial or laden with calories.

How to ensure the water your child drinks is pure and safe for them?

In today’s age, one has to take into account that everything around us can be contaminated, let alone drinking water. Even in posh areas, sometimes, the tap water is unsafe and unfit for consumption for adults and kids. Old plumbing and leaching pipes can also contribute to the addition of toxic heavy metals to the drinking water.

So, before giving your child a glass full of tap water, you must consider the potential influx of contaminants in it – any microbes, toxins, heavy metals and pollutants. To overcome this issue, it is advisable that you invest in a robust and high-quality water filter. It can protect your entire family, especially your tender kids from harmful pollutants.

According to research conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, more than 93% of Australian households use main or town water as their water source[2]. Moreover, the saltiness of water has been a major water quality issue in around 32% of the basins, in the Australian Water Resources Assessment.[3]

In fact, a study tells that Western Australian households complained about the highest level of dissatisfaction (approximately 60%) with water taste.[4] With such shortcomings, Advanced 8 Stage water-filters are the best way to ensure safe water consumption.

They have several functions that aid you in safeguarding your children against unreliable water sources. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Aimex water filters effectively remove all kinds of toxins, sediments, organic and inorganic contaminants like viruses, cysts, and chemicals. They also eliminate health-imparting metals like lead, mercury, nickel, and arsenic in unprocessed water.
  2. The most dangerous organisms are mostly naked to the human eye. Another great thing about these Aimex water filters is that they inhibit the growth of such bacteria and parasites, such as Giardia.
  3. Chlorine is widely used to treat municipal water and generally leads to bad chlorinated taste. You can rely upon the Aimex 8 Stage water filters to completely expel the strange taste.
  4. Aimex water filters help neutralize foul odour- significantly beyond the capabilities of other water filters.
  5. Aimex water filters also facilitate the restoration of natural minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc, which are useful for your body.

Summing it up!

Water is the best thirst-quencher and the first go to in keeping your body hydrated and healthy. Being a responsible parent or guardian, it is important that you adopt the right ways to give access to safe and clean water to your children.

This task may seem a bit daunting. Actually, it is as simple as installing an Advanced Stage 8 water filter in your homes! Buying a water filter for the first time? Here's all you need to know. We at Aimex Australia have also had many customers tell us that their children love drinking water from their water filter and are having much more water by themselves, without much reminding needed! Isn’t that amazing?

Now, you can put your worries to rest and ensure that each drop of water is pure, clean and healthy! With the Aimex water filter, you can provide your little ones with nature’s gift in its purest form!



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